Silver Lake and its town people saw a feat and an action so close to their hearts the day their infamous and favorite silver lake foot sign was saved from apparent theft. On a fateful evening, Markus Spencer, the store owner, of “Quirk this way” at Los Feliz by Vermont Avenue, had an idea that something sinister was afoot.

Markus wouldn’t be easily convinced that two men in their black sedan were screeching their car tires. As Markus observed these men further, they were unfazed by what they seemed to be doing. They were unscrewing one of the letters from the silver lake foot sign. Markus stated, “I know when something is fishy, I own a quirky store myself. I know when something is weird.”

In his store, ‘quirk this way, ‘ Markus sells weird-looking antiques to t-shirts with worms on a skateboard design. Markus also sports wall frames with views overlooking silver lake town and the picture of the silver lake foot sign at sunset. Markus Spencer is the kind of man everyone knows and is fond of. The way he makes the city his home is seen from the measures and steps he takes to save the silver foot sign as though it were his own. The town’s people, including Markus Spencer, have long become fond of the iconic silver lake foot sign.

The Silver Lake foot sign first made it’s spin dating back to 1985. Ever since then, the sign twirling around the sunset rays of Sunset Boulevard has become the town’s favorite and signature. So, Markus did not waste any minute when he sensed something odd and fishy about these two men. Upon questioning them under whose order they were doing what they were doing, still, the two men did not respond to Markus. He, therefore, contacted the motel and alerted the town people on his Instagram and in a public community group on Facebook.

The motel contacted Dr. Sam Terry, who is the owner and the podiatrist of the Silver Lake foot clinic. Dr. Terry then confirmed that no order was issued for these two men or anyone to take the foot sign away. At first, it must’ve occurred to some bystanders and onlookers besides Markus, who might’ve thought nothing was wrong because there had been news that this foot clinic would be relocating to a new place. But for Markus, it was a feat he couldn’t stop himself from doing since he has been with Dr. Sam Terry since the start of a well-documented plan for this relocation.

Markus recalls the situation when he questioned the two men unscrewing the panels about who they were working for, and they couldn’t seem to answer his queries. Markus added, “It was too unamusing to see their confusion and the silence that followed after the questions.” But the unwavering effort of a local person like Markus saved the sign that entirely symbolizes the sunset boulevard of Silver Lake.

Markus decided to sit under the sign in the hopes that extra help would soon arrive while he tried to hinder the two men from continuing their uninvited service of theft. Eventually, Spencer could do what he was hoping for, and his effort finally paid off, and the town’s iconic sign stood still.

The town people were all happy to have their favorite old sign back. A man and his wife strolling commented, “we were scared and sad thinking we might never see the iconic sign of the town again.” Another woman with her child outside their house stood in awe and commented, “I mean, it’s as old as my house. I was in shock to see the chaos around the sign earlier.” After the situation was brought under control, there were questions arising. Markus Spencer, in his success of saving the sign, was so excited to tell the story to the people and answer the questions.

Dr. Sam Terry seemed so much at ease and relieved knowing his foot sign was saved from possible robbery. Dr. Terry and along with the co-owner of the clinic and the property, proposed to keep the sign with Markus Perry at his store before further relocation to the new location. At this, Markus was all the more willing to accept the proposal to keep it in his store. Markus added, “I have a soft spot in my heart for silver lake foot sign and being able to keep it safe will definitely keep my heart full.”At this, Markus was all the more willing to accept the proposal to keep it in his store. Markus added, “I have a soft spot in my heart for silver lake foot sign and being able to keep it safe will definitely keep my heart full.”

Dr. Sam and the owner of the property, Mr. Ricky Kelly, were so grateful and at ease knowing that their property and the sign were both far from being destroyed. Dr. Sam, the podiatrist of the clinic, was planning on relocating the clinic to a new location in the historic Filipinotown, and, therefore, Markus was helping him out in taking the measurements of the sign, arranging the pick-up trucks to help in the shifting of the clinic.

Due to this close association with the clinic and especially during the relocation process, Markus was aware of the people helping him and the doctor with the clinic’s shifting process. Therefore, when he saw the two men in their black sedan trying to unscrew the panels while looking extremely unfazed, yet it was not a show to be missed out on for Markus Spencer. The faces of the two men were not familiar nor were they able to answer the questions.

Markus commented, “They looked like they were not bothered or maybe that was their plan to seem unfazed at their actions to avoid any commotion but Markus knows when things are weird.” The whole situation alarmed the people of the town, and almost all the people living in a close proximity to the clinic came rushing as Markus was quick to alarm the people through his social media accounts.

Silver lake town saw something they never thought would happen in their lives where a sign that has been a part of the city for a very long time will undergo through something like a theft. Markus Spencer became the talk of the town as well as a hero who bravely saved the sign from the thieves. In all his quirkiness, Markus was excited to narrate the story to the town people, who were all very curious to know the details as to what actually happened.

The headlines in the news the next day read, “Los Feliz Store Owner rescues the famous Silver Lake Foot sign from Thieves,” and Markus couldn’t help but feel super proud and happy. He felt a sense of true belonging to the town he had been calling home for so many years.

The thieves were trying to escape the scene, but the motel Markus alarmed first was also quick enough to report a possible theft to the nearby police station, and so the police were able to arrest the two men before they could escape from the scene.

In what first seemed like a sudden situation of chaos and confusion, it finally came to a good and successful conclusion where the sign was saved, and the police nabbed the thieves.

Dr. Terry commented, “I am so happy not only because my clinic was saved but to see the corporation of the people. This is what I call a good community.”

He further added to the loyalty of Markus and the rest of the town people how they sincerely took ownership of something which is not in their possession. Dr. Terry was deeply moved by the action of the people.

Markus Spencer also gave a massive shoutout to the manager of the motel he first alarmed of the situation for his willingness to help and not doubt the problem that was going on.

When asked the motel manager what his first reactions were, he replied, “I sensed a great deal and sense of urgency as though my own house was in danger.”

The reactions and the way all the concerned people in the scene reacted and their successful outcomes only teach us the lesson that you need to be accountable for your existence and your being.

“The selfless act of doing and being never goes to waste,” said Markus Spencer as he stood beside the clinic shaking hands and hugging the people of the town, who were all appreciative and thankful for his service that day.

The people of silver lake town were so happy they could retrieve back one of their favorite signs. The silver lake foot sign gives you the feeling of being at home for the town’s people. As many of the people grew up seeing the sign when it was first put up. And for the rest of the older generation, it feels like a sign of good old days, recalling when they were a little younger, a little stronger.

Besides the fact that a possible robbery was going to take place in this peaceful neighborhood, we also saw the beauty of a community that comes hand-in-hand in times of trouble.