Corona virus art
Art by Sandra Markarian.

Predictions for a Post-Coronavirus 2020

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Our editor-at-large looks into his crystal ball (after cleaning it with Purell).

Everything will be canceled.

-Hotels will slash their prices in an effort to entice locals to splurge on an overdue staycation.

–Congress will shut down (rejoice).

Art by Sandra Markarian.

-Amazon will send thousands of lucky Prime members free toilet paper and hand sanitizers when they order Amazon products.

-Rage Against the Machine will do a free show at the Coliseum where Kaiser and the Children’s Hospital will administer free testing of the coronavirus — sponsored by Corona.

-Devin Nunes will sue the city of Wuhan, China. Their response: Come and take it.

-Once Congress reconvenes, weed will become legal nationwide to boost the dying economy.

-Mexico will close its border to the U.S. as a health precaution. Jajajajaja.

-Led Zeppelin finally reunites for an unforgettable concert in an intentionally-empty Coachella grounds. It turns out they just had stage fright.

corona virus art
Art by Sandra Markarian.

-OutKast reunites after their 20-year-old tune “So Fresh, So Clean” makes a resurgence at the top of the Billboard charts.

– Netflix will offer their service free for two months because everyone is home and scared to go out to the movies.

– Streaking returns.

– Uber halts Pool rides for both passenger and driver safety. Lyft follows suit two weeks later.

– People stop paying attention to the Kardashians until one of them gets the sniffles in a very special episode.

– Oranges and flowers will be replaced by toilet paper and hand sanitizer by savvy roadside vendors.

– Somehow, the 405 will still be a nightmare.

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