A video screenshot of an elderly woman standing in a garage and speaking to the person behind the camera.
A screenshot of the video taken by Alex Wong during a confrontation with his neighbor.

Garden Grove Woman Harasses Neighbor with Anti-Asian Tirade

Yet another racist tirade has been caught on video, this time in Garden Grove. According to Alex Wong, who recorded the incident on his phone, this one started over his children’s chalk art.

Wong said he was clipped onto a stationary exercise bike in his garage when a neighbor approached and told him his kids needed to clean up the chalk art they’d drawn in the back alleys. Most people find harmless art made by children that easily washes away delightful, or, at the very least, tolerable. But in the video of the encounter, which Wong uploaded to YouTube, the woman says, “it looks like shit.”

Wong tells the woman to report the drawings to the homeowners association if she has a problem with them. She then calls him a “son of a bitch,” asks to speak to his wife, who she claims is nicer, and demands to know if he even lives there. At one point, she says, “I don’t think you live here, because I saw — you have slanted eyes and I talked to a — .” At that point, Wong interrupts her and says, “Slanted eyes? Wow, that’s racist.”

Through all of this, Wong keeps asking the woman to leave as her seemingly exasperated husband tries to lead her away. After several minutes of this, the woman kicks over Wong’s fan shortly before the video cuts off. Wong said he pulled out a knife, and finally, the pair left.

“I’m still struggling with the fact that I had to reach for what in essence is a weapon to point it at somebody and say, ‘Leave my house,’” Wong told CBS L.A.

CBS spoke with the woman’s husband, who said Wong misunderstood her comments. What she meant, according to him, was that there was another person with “slanted eyes” she had seen before — which he did not seem to think was racist at all.

Wong wrote about the incident on Facebook, where he said none of his other neighbors have ever complained about his kids’ doodles, and that he’s taught his children to respect boundaries and never draw on garages or walls. He also noted there are no “rules within our associations CC&R, bylaws and regulations about using sidewalk chalk on public streets.”

Oh, and his nice wife that the woman wanted to talk to? Wong wrote that the neighbors in the video “only say hello to my wife and my mother-in-law because they are both white.”

Wong has reported the incident to the police.

This is only one of several racist incidents recently shared on social media.

To name just a few: In July, Itzel Lopez, who is Mexican, recorded a white couple harassing her and her Black boyfriend as they waited at a stoplight in Torrance. The white couple performed a Nazi salute and yelled, “Only white lives matter” before one of them allegedly hit Lopez’s boyfriend’s car with a shovel. Torrance police identified the couple as Gregory and Rachel Howell and arrested them. Three Black women who were jogging at Dockweiler State Beach recently recorded another woman claiming she would call the police on them for assaulting her, which the women say they did not do. The woman, who appears completely unharmed, is heard saying, “My environment has been harmed by this African Black person.”

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