Coronavirus: Garcetti Puts the Kibosh on Hiking, Questions Rise About Test Access

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Confirmed cases of COVID-19 continue to rise, spurring city leaders to further clamp down on areas where people continue to congregate — trails and beaches.

There have been 536 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and seven deaths in L.A. County. The cases include 17 in Long Beach and three in Pasadena, which both have their own health agencies, according to health department Director Barbara Ferrer. – KTLA

As COVID-19 continues to spread, questions arise about how the wealthy and famous have privileged access to tests. It’s all about who you know, of course. Dr. Jay Gordon, a private physician, says he quickly sold out of 100 test kits at $250 each. – L.A. Times

A woman in her 50s with underlying health conditions died from the new coronavirus disease. She is the first person in Long Beach to die from the rapidly-spreading virus. “We’ve been dreading this day and were hoping it would never come,” says Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia.  – Long Beach Post

While you’re redecorating your home, feel free to tuck your hiking boots into the back of your least-used closet because if you’re staying in town, you won’t be needing them. Los Angeles County will be closing all hiking trails:

Trail closures come after Mayor Eric Garcetti responded to photos of Angelenos continuing to pack popular trails and beaches — not keeping at least a six-foot distance. “The longer we do that, the more people will get sick, and the more people will die. There’s no way to sugarcoat that,” Garcetti says. – L.A. Times

Does traffic feel super mellow? That’s a trick question: STAY AT HOME. But seriously, L.A. rush hour traffic is down by as much as 87%. – NBC News

Kaiser nurses in East Hollywood held a news conference today to say, “We do not have the protective equipment and gear that we need. We are being stripped of everything that we need to be safe to protect ourselves, our patients and to go home to our families.” – KTLA

L.A. schools will remain closed until May 1 in the ongoing effort to slow the spread of coronavirus, Superintendent Austin Beutner said Monday. The district has launched an emergency investment of $100 million to help provide all students with the necessary devices and access to be able to continue their education online. – KCBS

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