Police officers sit on motorcycles in the street, blocking off a crowd of pro-Trump demonstrators in the background who are holding Trump 2020 flags.
Police officers facilitate President Donald Trump supporters’ march around Beverly Hills, hours after the counterprotest against the rally was declared an unlawful assembly. Photo by Jintak Han.

Photos: Beverly Hills Pro-Trump Rally Draws Counterprotesters, Police

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Supporters of President Donald Trump took to the streets of Beverly Hills on the afternoon of Sunday, Oct. 31 for a weekly “Freedom Rally” demonstration. This particular event — which fell on the eve of the Nov. 3 election — was bookended by two counterprotests.

The Beverly Hills Police Department made a significant presence at the rally and counterprotests, which took place at Roxbury Park and Beverly Gardens Park. Some officers came equipped with riot gear and rubber bullets, and others engaged with the crowd wielding batons.

Photojournalist Jintak Han documented the protests, visually and on Twitter.

Editor’s note: While covering this event, Han was knocked down by an officer with the Beverly Hills Police Department, sustaining a wrist injury and damage to his camera equipment. Los Angeleno has requested a statement and apology from the BHPD.

A crowd of people gathered on the sidewalk, waving United States flags, Trump 2020 flags, a "Don't tread on me" flag, and an Israel flag. Many also wear red "Make America Great Again" hats.
Hundreds of President Donald Trump supporters, many violating the Beverly Hills city mandate on face masks, occupy the corner of Santa Monica and Beverly boulevards.
Police officers and a black police truck block off an intersection where pro-Trump demonstrators are protesting.
Santa Paula police officers cut off traffic on the intersection of Santa Monica and Beverly boulevards with an armored vehicle.
Four women stand and talk with other people on a street in Beverly Hills. They wear olive green jackets with the white words, "I really don't care, do u?," painted on the back.
Women sport so-called “Melania jackets” inspired by the $39 Zara jacket that First Lady Melania Trump wore while visiting migrant children in 2018.
A man at a pro-Trump rally is dressed as Donald Trump, with a suit, red tie, sunglasses and a blonde wig. He holds a green aluminum can.
A Trump supporter dresses up as the president in celebration of Halloween.
A crowd of people gathered on the sidewalk, waving United States flags and Trump 2020 flags. Many also wear red "Make America Great Again" hats.
Jun Hanaguchi raises four fingers, signing his support for another four years of Trump’s presidency.
A man walking with pro-Trump demonstrators wears a bike helmet and holds up a black "Q" made out of cardboard.
A cyclist rides down Santa Monica Boulevard while showing support for the QAnon conspiracy theory popular among some Trump supporters.
A can lets out red smoke on a street. In the background are protestors, and a person holds up a poster of Amy Coney Barrett with the word "Supreme" printed across her face in red.
A Trump supporter holds up a poster of Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett, who was confirmed to her position by Senate Republicans Oct. 26, 2020, while a smoke bomb thrown by counterprotesters burns in front of him.
A statue in a park is covered in white protective plastic.
“Endless V,” a sculpture in Beverly Gardens Park, is wrapped in white plastic in anticipation of potential violence at the Freedom Rally on Oct. 31.
A man in a green shirt pulls his American flag away from a man dressed in all black, who is wearing a helmet with "ACAB" printed on it.
A counterprotester dressed in black bloc gear tries to yank an American flag out of a Trump supporter’s hands.
Multiple counterprotesters beat a Trump supporter after attempting to take his flag from him. Police officers intervened shortly after.
Police officers stand in a street armed with rubber bullet guns.
Police officers advance down Santa Monica Boulevard after declaring the counterprotest an unlawful assembly, throwing aside barricades that counterprotesters placed on the road.
A police officer hits a baton into a protestor's open black umbrella.
A Beverly Hills police officer hits an umbrella held up by a counterprotester with his baton.
A close-up of a man standing in a crowd of pro-Trump demonstrators. He wears a black face mask and a helmet with a clear plastic visor lifted up.
A man in a private security service uniform keeps watch as Trump supporters from the Freedom Rally prepare to march.

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