A person stops for a photo while wearing a face covering, sunglasses and a hat.
Full coverage: A person stops for a photo while wearing a face covering, sunglasses and a hat. Photo by Afonso Salcedo.

Orange County at Risk of Closing Back Up As Daily Case Rate Climbs

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Friday, November 6, 2020

L.A. County reported more than 2,000 cases of the coronavirus Friday for the second day in a row, echoing case counts from mid-August.

L.A. County health officials reported 2,108 newly confirmed cases of the coronavirus and 23 new deaths today. This brings the countywide totals to 317,656 cases and 7,157 deaths. “We have experienced increasing cases in L.A. County before and have demonstrated that we can get back to slowing the spread of COVID-19 and saving lives when we are united in our efforts to minimize infections,” said Dr. Barbara Ferrer, county public health director. — CBS Los Angeles

Orange County faces the risk of sliding back to a more restrictive reopening tier, as the region’s daily case rate continues to climb, from 4.6 per 100,000 residents two weeks ago to 6 this week. If this occurs, restaurant dining rooms, gyms, movie theaters and houses of worships would be forced to shut down again. — ABC Los Angeles

As colder weather sets in, what can Angelenos learn from people across the world who’ve already faced lockdown in admittedly much more drastic winter conditions? — BBC News

Thursday, November 5, 2020

L.A. County Health Director: Small Gatherings Also Fueling Increase in Cases

L.A. County’s COVID-19 daily case count reaches levels not seen since mid-August.

As the holiday season approaches, L.A. County health officials warned Angelenos that small gatherings with friends or extended family still pose a risk of transmission. “We’re pretty convinced at this point that these smaller gatherings … are in fact fueling a lot of the increase because they’re just not as safe as we would like to believe they are,” said Dr. Barbara Ferrer, director of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. — ABC Los Angeles

With 2,065 new coronavirus infections recorded today in L.A. County, the region reaches a daily case count not seen since Aug. 15. According to public health officials, the current spike is not associated with any backlog of reported tests. — Los Angeles Times

Evidence shows COVID-19 can wreak havoc on a patient’s vascular system, specifically, in the cells that line blood vessels. According to Roger Seheult, a pulmonary physician in Southern California, it’s not patients with underlying lung conditions that are the most vulnerable to COVID-19, instead, it’s patients who are obese, have Type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure. — NPR

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

L.A. Health Director: Small Gatherings Also Fueling Increase in Cases

Although California is avoiding the COVID-19 spike impacting other states, counties are still slow to qualify for reopening.

Business owners in L.A. are now allowed to refuse service to people who do not wear a mask while on the premises. The ordinance will end once L.A.’s “Safer at Home” order is lifted. — NBC Los Angeles

Yesterday, L.A. County reported an increase in cases: 1,224 new cases and 23 deaths. The holidays and colder weather may motivate people to gather indoors and, consequently, increase the virus’s spread, public health officials warned. — Spectrum News 1

California has seen a 13.5% increase in hospitalizations and a 19.5% increase in ICU admissions over the past two weeks. As a result, counties have been slow to advance to less restrictive reopening tiers. — KCRA

More than 130 Transportation Security Administration workers across multiple California airports have contracted COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic. — L.A. Times

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Indoor Dining Set Back Following Spike in L.A.’s COVID-19 Cases

Some families are gathering supplies, preparing to shelter in place if election results lead to civil unrest amid the pandemic.

L.A. County’s rising case rate means that indoor dining, as well as other restricted businesses, likely won’t reopen anytime soon.Eater Los Angeles

The new COVID-19 testing lab in Santa Clarita could cost the state up to $1.7 billion. — KCRA

The COVID-19-related release of thousands of inmates from L.A. County jails failed to reduce the number of Black or mentally ill inmates, according to a task force’s recent findings. — NBC Los Angeles

An L.A.-based photographer is documenting COVID-19’s impact on everyday Angelenos for a project to be featured at the Natural Museum of History. — FOX Los Angeles

Some South L.A. families are preparing to shelter in place for the coming week, due to a combination of possible election unrest and COVID-19 restrictions. — ABC Los Angeles

Monday, November 2, 2020

COVID-19 Cases Increase in L.A., Decrease Across California

The U.S. is seeing a 17% increase in the number of cases.

Cases have been steadily increasing for the past two weeks in L.A. County. The county is averaging 1,200 new cases a day. At the beginning of October, there were about 940 new cases per day. Across California as a whole, cases are dropping. — NBC Los Angeles, Desert Sun

Low-income K-12 students in L.A. are suffering from a surge in failing grades related to remote learning. — L.A. Times

Some L.A. restaurant owners are looking forward to implementing the “COVID-19 recovery fee” surcharge for dine-in customers, while other owners are worried that it will turn some patrons off. — Eater Los Angeles

A Día de los Muertos altar was created at the Pacoima City Hall to honor the local victims of COVID-19. — ABC Los Angeles

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